Don't be fooled by the "Four Separations"


As people ’s living standards improve,

The bathroom is one of the most secret places in the home.

Although it is slightly narrow in space area,

But it marks the quality of each family ’s quality of life,

So, modern people who bought a house

Most started to be well-designed and rationally laid out,

Hope to arm every inch of space into the teeth.

Nowadays, the "four-split" toilet in Japan,

Has become a major model of domestic home decoration.

Their requirements for bathroom space,

Is no longer limited to meeting daily life needs,

But gradually to washing, bathing, toileting, storage, laundry, makeup, etc.

Multifunctional intensive space development,

At least 8 square meters of space is needed to meet this.

In simple terms, the "four-style separation" in Japan looks like this:

Bathroom + toilet + toilet + laundry area.

In order for these functional areas to perform their functions,

Improve the efficiency of bathroom use,

They will be separated from each other in the form of compartments,

Not only easy to use, but also clean and hygienic.