How should the bathroom be laid out? Take a look at the shape first, so that you can know when you are decorating


The bathroom carries the necessary activities of our day: washing, showering, toileting, even makeup, etc. It can be said that it is the focus of our decoration. Once the result is not processed, it will become a "problem student" and make ourselves I have a headache.

The rectangular bathroom can be said to be the most common, and it can be divided into two common layout methods: one side and the opposite.

The one-sided layout generally arranges the sink, toilet and shower in order from the outside to the inside. On the other side, there is enough space for walking around. The shower area is partitioned with curtains, glass or walls, which can meet multiple people. use simultaneously.

The opposite layout separates the shower area from the toilet, or the toilet area from the toilet area, which is convenient for the toilet to be separated into three types. The use of each area has no effect. If the door is in the middle, it is more suitable for this design.

If your home happens to be square and the area is not large, it is best to design the shower room independently to prevent splashing water, save space, and separate wet and dry, or you can set each area to occupy a corner.

When the shower room is separately set, it can be set into an arc shape, or a folded curved glass can be used, and it can also lean against the wall when not in use.

The area directly facing the door, or more near the door, is set as a sink.

Both of the above are relatively normal, there are rules to follow, but it is inevitable that sometimes there are some abnormal apartment types, which lead to abnormal bathroom shapes.

This time is the most time to test the use of space. The problem that we should focus on is the dead corner. Therefore, it is not suitable for buying finished cabinets for installation.

Straight walls are fine. If you encounter arcs, you can use the wall surface to consider lower niches, hooks, or shelves.