How to decorate a lazy bathroom?


Many people may think that the bathroom does not need to be cleaned, because water is used almost every day, and it is naturally very clean. In fact, this is not the case. There are also places in the bathroom where dirt and dirt are stored. It is also necessary to clean. The bathrooms decorated by lazy people also have their own set. The following bathroom building materials are more suitable for lazy people.

1: black marble

Marble can be used on the countertops in the bathroom and around the fish tank, so the color of the marble can be black, and it does not need to be pure black, otherwise it will be monotonous. It can be black with some irregular white. In this way, most of the dirt can be covered, even if there are some stains on it, it is not easy to find, and the black is not easy to change color, and it is the same as the new one after using it for a long time.

2: Use light-colored stone

In addition to the black marble mentioned above, light-colored stone is actually more resistant to dirt. For example, the floor tiles can be light-colored. Generally, water stains are not easy to find on them, and the corrosion resistance is relatively strong. Such as cleaning agents, water stains, etc. are not easy to leave marks on it. At the same time, the light color can have the visual effect of expanding the space, and the lighting will be better, and it will look more stable and atmospheric.

3: Use of vermiculite

The use of vermiculite is also very common. In fact, it is about breaking stones into irregular small stones, and then laying these small stones on the wall or the ground, because these stones are irregular in size and have different colors. Because it is very resistant to dirt. In addition, the decorative effect of this kind of vermiculite is also very good, it can create a slow-paced living atmosphere, have a feeling of rural life, and it is more convenient to carry out hygiene.

4: Use baking paint material

Bathroom cabinets are also installed in the bathroom, as well as bathtubs. In fact, you can choose the material of the paint. The material of the paint itself is relatively high-grade, because the surface is very smooth, so it is very easy to clean up. Basically rinse That's it. However, the paint is also more delicate, avoiding scratches due to collision.

5: Use of mirrors

For small area bathrooms, you can use mirror decoration, because the mirror has a reflective effect, can extend the visual space, you will feel the bathroom area is doubled, and cleaning is also more convenient. However, pay attention to the installation height of the mirror surface. The distance between the center of the mirror and the ground is preferably between 160 and 165 cm.

In short, when decorating the bathroom, you need to work hard on the selection of materials to ensure good cleaning, so that the bathroom environment is more refreshing and avoids dirty and messy environments.